Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FB Post: Liked. The End.

My siblings and I were talking recently about the use of facebook and social media; I was telling my sister that I use Facebook as a means to raise awareness about issues we as a community don't often feel comfortable talking about -but the reality is, for the majority of us (myself included), facebook is just another means of social entertainment. (not undermining that some of the greatest revolutions happened through faacebook and twitter - but generally speaking).  Anyways, back to my point; my sister made an interesting observation; for instance, when I post randomness related to the weather or caffeine, the number of likes and comments I receive on those outnumber many of the other more "serious" posts related to say child pornography for example. I think that got only one like, and no comments. Why is it ok for us to be silent? Because the reality is we choose what we want to see; if we don't want to learn about Syria or Sri Lanka or Bangladesh, or dirt in our own backyard, all we do is hit the "x" on our browser and voila! - it disappears from our screens, reassuring us that all is right in our world - the world we've created that fits so perfectly to our likings, needs and desires.We may ignore it today - but it may be our reality tomorrow....

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  1. I agree that in most cases serious matters are gone unnoticed, but there is a stigma so to say when liking articles that make us feel uncomfortable. Thanks to fb's lack of privacy, your entire Friend list sees it which could bring up some insecurities and confussion as to if you support what's happening or are against it. Basically if you like an article about child pornography, does it mean you like the act or the article? Obviously the article, but it can be misinterpreted.