Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Single Life - Community Reflection

I write this post not as Aisha, but as a single woman. It's a very short and simple message:

Over the years, I've met countless women and their stories when it comes to marriage and why they're not married (not that I ever asked). Here's just a snippet of what they had to say:

  • I haven't met the right person yet
  • I'm in the recruitment phase and it's taking longer than I expected (aka. trying to find someone)
  • I'm not ready
  • Not right now - School, Work, Career etc.

Just like no one blatantly asks married people why they haven't had babies yet (well they do - that's a whole different topic but you get my point), let's quit asking the single women (and men) in our communities why they're not married yet. If they want to share their story with you, they will. 

But let's not be nosy. 

And for all of us single men and women out there, remember that at the right place, and at the right moment, God will send the right person along. Not in the time you think is good. In His time. 

And until that happens, don't wallow or put your life on hold. Marriage is one aspect of life - there's so much more! Go out and remember why God put you on this planet. To worship and submit to Him - let that be a reminder to you every day when you go to work, when you go into the community - believe that and act upon it, and I promise you, that will be more than enough for you to focus your life. 

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