Saturday, December 14, 2013

Give a little...

What better way to practice writing then starting a blog and sharing your thoughts? I've decided to join in - a long time coming but alas, here I am.

First topic of discussion: Snow. It's supposed to be the biggest snow storm here in Toronto and I believe across the broader GTA as well. I find it so interesting that whenever we have "too much" of something  (that is not approved by us, dare I say), our city and we as people become paralyzed. Countless posts I've read on Facebook today about how people are upset because their plans have been destroyed by the weather, or not sure what to do because they're just stuck at home. And I'm not going to lie - I'm guilty of that too (when there's a heat alert cus' I can't stand the summer). But point in case, we unfortunately have become victims to our wants and needs and too often, forget about the the things God the Almighty has blessed us with. For instance, the winter jackets we have to keep us warm, the ability to go inside and drink a warm cup of hot chocolate, or just being able to curl up at home with a good ol' book - or in our times, better referred to as tablets and kobos and kindles.

While we continue to complain about these so called first world problems, there are those suffering across the world in places like Syria for instance, who would give anything to be where you are at this very moment, or where I am - at home with my family, with a roof over my head, a full stomach, and most importantly warmth.

Do your part- even if it's only a dollar you can spare to help those who are less fortunate than us. Give a little. You'll earn a lot more in return - if we only but knew.


  1. This is how you know I love you the most, first comment. Congratulations on the blog. Nobody likes winter though, only you. Come to Qatar, I'm enjoying beautiful spring weather right now. Also I never knew you wrote poetry, when did this start?

  2. True love right here ;) I was always a pro man - u just never noticed my skills in highschool :)...Qatar? do you have any idea how gorgeously white it is here? you my friend are missing out - come back to T.Dot! :)